Norma and Mo, sittin’ in a tree… K-i-s-s-i-n-g… (Well, maybe not yet… but close.)

Norma lived with Slick and Dodger for many, many years.  Slick, 21 years, Dodger, 25 years.

Norma is a very loyal donkey.  She loves who she loves.

Mo was not one of them.

I mean, Norma would show affection to the geldings when Spring sprung.  But she really never loved any other equines except her ponies.

But now, all of her ponies are gone.  And Norma is alone.

Dodger and Norma. 25 years together.

I’ve noticed…

I’ve noticed that she likes BG.  She doesn’t love BG, but she stands close to her and likes to graze with her.

Norma still doesn’t like Gwen, which is a bummer because they are both the same age and could be put together to get special feeds, etc… but Norma would prefer not.

Norma continues to love Dalton and Finn, but only for a short time, then she wants her space.

BG and Norma grazing – using social distancing.


Yesterday, I noticed that Norma was standing right near the gate, and Mo was on the other side.  Norma didn’t run away, which she usually did.  From all previous interactions, Mo disgusted her.

But yesterday, she allowed him to stand near her, albeit on the other side of the fence.

And then… AND THEN, I saw him reach through and kiss her!

Norma didn’t bite him or run away.  She just flattened her ears in feigned distaste.

Mo and Norma at the gate together. (In the back, you can see Mo’s girlfriend, Missy Miss, look on…)

Mo sizes up the situation.

And BAM! He goes in for the kiss. Norma didn’t run away, which is huge.


And today, I saw a share.

Norma wanted to eat near the fence so I put a little dish out for her.  Mo came over… and stuck his neck through the fence to eat with Norma.

THAT was unbelievable.

Stay tuned…

Mo sticks his head through the fence…in a very daring move… and SHARES.  Norma let him share!

I apologized to Mo for the intrusion on this very delicate moment…


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  1. Rox

    One great reason why “stay home, stay safe” works for so many of us – with the time we now have to just simply observe at length and fully enjoy our horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, and (at my farm, anyway) squirrels with new and growing little ones, and the first of the returning goldfinches to a very busy bird feeder. Imagine having to be at work and missing all of this!

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