NORMA almost, ALMOST got to meet Mr. Kitty.

My donkey, Norma Jean, has an obsession with one of my cats, Mr. Kitty.  Actually, she is obsessed with all of my cats… but Mr. Kitty is willing to go into her pasture when I’m in there, and this is very exciting for Norma.

Today, she almost, ALMOST got to put her nose in his fur.  It was so close!

Here is Norma… she is older and a curly donkey. It takes a while for her to shed in the summers. She had a little abrasion on her nose, so I was putting cream on it.

Mr. Kitty arrived.

When he turned around, he was face to face with Norma… who was very eager to take this opportunity with Mr. Kitty.

I was right behind Mr. Kitty, so for a moment, he felt safe…

But then he started to go around my legs…

And Norma dove in for her chance! Finally getting to smell a kitty!

Oh so close!…

But alas, the kitty ran away… Hopes and Donkey Dreams, dashed!!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    When Dodger was around, they would chase the cats… now it is different. But, the cats still
    remember so they are shy about it. We will work on that. Also, not sure I trust NJ just yet…

  2. Doris McQuiddy

    I bet Norma Jean would love the soft touch of kitty fur. Maybe next time. What a treat for both of them.

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