NEW DRAMATIC VIDEO of Ryat’s (the horse) helicopter rescue! I thought the NEW ANGLES were very clear on how difficult, steep and precarious this rescue was for these 6 non-horse people!

I saw new, very dramatic footage of the Helicopter rescue I wrote about last week.  Not that the original footage wasn’t dramatic, it WAS.  But this is from someone’s GoPro Camera so it shows it more intimately…

I’m posting these new videos today because the new angles show just how steep, deep and precarious this rescue was for these men… Men who didn’t know this horse and didn’t even know anything about horses!

They just stepped in and took care of business – .  Wow.

Here is the IDAHO HORSE RESCUE FB page to follow the horses progress as they rehabilitate after being alone on a snowy ridge for months…


First, some new photos…

Here is Ryat before his tranquilizer. Clearly he wonders what is going on… The rescuers had pushed him to deeper snow so that they could dart him more easily – however, deeper snow would make their job more difficult…

Here you can see the steepness.

Ryat is now darted and sedated. You can see the that the snow is thigh high.

Here we have Ryan and Pat. Put those names together and you get “Ryat”.

Pat, who is not a horse person (none of these 6 men were horsemen), put the hood over a sedated Ryat’s head.

Working at a very steep angle, fitting Ryat with his harness.


Here we have ‘chuck’s view’ video.  Chuck runs up to the horse and tries to help when Ryat’s back leg is buried in snow.  The video shows a different perspective and gets in closer.

Click image to watch Chuck’s View Video.


Here is how Ryat landed... He was still sedated so everything went very well.  The ground crew  cleared the harness so the helicopter could release the hook and fly away.  Amazing.   When Ryat woke up, he calmly walked out of his unhooked harness.

Click to watch Ryat’s landing video.


I cannot even walk through deep snow myself, let alone strap a tranquilized horse into a harness, on a steep ridge, with the wind blowing AND grab a flying clip attached to a helicopter and attach the horse to the clip and then make sure it is all correct while praying nothing goes wrong…

These guys are heroes.  If you missed the original story, click here.



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