NEEDED TODAY: Cut and paste and send this letter TODAY to help STOP the horrid sterilization of wild mares! PLEASE. SO EASY TO DO. TAKES A MINUTE.

As you may have heard, the BLM is proposing a sterilization method for wild mares that is inhumane and barbaric. Basically (my layman’s terms here), they stick in a twisting rod and break off the reproductive parts.  You can imagine the pain and infection…

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY.  Scroll to cut and paste an email letter.

HERE IS A LINK to a very eloquent letter that is already written that you could email instantly – just add that you agree with the author.

Here is how the letter starts.  Use the link to cut and paste, add your comment and send via email.

Click image to go to the email so you can copy and paste it into your own email


This is another easy letter to state your support of humane treatment of our wild ones.

Date: August 16, 2018 at 4:06:42 PM PDT


Subject: Sop violations


Hi Dr. Stull,


Recent reports by eye witnesses shed light to serious violations of welfare standards during current round ups.

Foals are pushed and brutally chased- one could barely keep up and died the next day. Several were killed.

It’s of utter concern that the helicopters behave more like sport trophy hunters out of control- than adhering to SOP.

Where does SOP stand?

They break any rules- no SOP is enforced- because it seems it was a farce to begin with.

It’s absolutely heart wrenching to see what is done to these helpless horses.

You and Dr. Holcomb worked in collaboration with BLM on SOP.

Why is this cruelty still going on??

This is deliberate ignorance by the contractor- they do nothing to be humane! He should be held accountable- and subjected to strict enforcing of humane standards!!

Please let me know.


Monika Courtney

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  1. Calvin48

    Okay, I’m not good on computers, so all the cut and paste stuff was over my head. However, I got to the site, watched the video of the spay procedure, and was able to figure out how to write my own letter, which I successfully submitted. I detest the BLM; they are in the pocket of cattle ranchers and do not give a rat’s ass that the American people want to have wild horses on public lands. It was said in the video that it takes these mares a week to recover from this surgery. That’s a long time and a great deal of pain these mares must endure. This is just sickening.

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