CAN YOU BELIEVE SOME SICKO INJECTED TWO HORSES WITH GASOLINE?! Meet KATE, our June Bucket Fund Horse who is fighting for her life after being attacked in her own pasture!


Can you believe this?

Jolean, a 17 year-old rescued Paso Fino fell suddenly ill and passed…  Jolean’s heartbroken owner ordered a necropsy to understand her sudden demise.

Imagine his horror to find out that Jolean had been injected with gasoline.  (When the vet’s opened up her swollen shoulder, pure gasoline spilled out.)


Jolean’s owner told his neighbor whose horse, Kate, was suddenly exhibiting the same signs.


After hearing Jolean’s story, Kate’s owner, Leah Greenleaf, raced her mare to a local equine hospital.

Yup.  Same thing.  Gasoline was injected into her neck.

Can you imagine the feeling of helplessness and invasion to know your own horse was attacked in her own pasture?!

The hospital does not know if Kate will survive, but they are monitoring her 24/7.   This has never been seen before, no one knows the implications.


Kate is a 6 year-old Spotted Saddlehorse mare.  She has already endured one surgery and is scheduled for more surgeries to remove necrotic tissue, stop the infection and try to clean up the poison.

The vets don’t exactly know how to help but they are working around the clock to learn as much as possible to save this mare.

(The police have no clues… Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 352-368-STOP.)

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This is Leah Greenleaf with her horse, Kate, who is suffering in an Ocala equine hospital after being injected with gasoline right in her  own pasture in Belleview, FL.  Police do not know who did this. Can anyone help me find this owner or her horse or the equine hospital in Ocala that is treating Kate?

One horse is already dead from being injected with gasoline.  One horse is fighting for her life.  This is Leah Greenleaf with her horse, Kate, who is suffering in an Ocala equine hospital after being injected with gasoline right in her own pasture in Belleview, FL. Police do not know who did this.


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9 comments have been posted...

  1. Ann

    How is Kate ? I would like to send some money to help her ! Ann
    June 29, 2014

  2. Eva J george

    It never ceases to infuriate me at the heartless things people can do in so many ways; by word, by deed, or by doing nothing.

  3. dawndi Post author

    Thank you, Doris! Of course, timing is everything… I was merely concerned that with 40,000 views, what I had written didn’t seem to motivate many.
    But you are correct, the month is young and for sure I will keep speaking about this awful thing that happened to this innocent mare.

  4. Doris McQuiddy

    Dawn, I’m sending a check through the mail for Kate. I had to wait until payday. I think maybe your story was seen and people may have had to wait for similar reasons. I hope that is the case. No horse or owner or other living thing deserves what has happened. Just a thought to those that cannot contribute funds right now, reposting/sharing on facebook could help. Telling your friends and giving them the link might help. Contributing an amount no matter how small can help the bucket fund. Prayers help and motivate us to act. Kate needs us. We need to undo as much of this nightmare as we can.

  5. Julie Ham

    Unbelieveable! My heart breaks for these folks, horse and humans alike. Talk about feeling violated! Hugs and prayers are with you all…

  6. Jody Brittain

    Oh My gosh! This is absolutely Horrible! I hope they catch the bad people that did this, and INJECT THEM with gasoline!~ Prayers!

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