My Outdoor Atrium.

I’ve been working more lately and that is why I miss a day here and there.  And, I sometimes run out of time in a day – like today.

So today,  I’d like to present to you, my backyard bird feeders.

The number of birds who come for breakfast is … astounding.  I couldn’t even begin to count.  Usually they are little sparrow types.  We also get doves and birds in between sparrows and doves, but I don’t know what they are… .  No crows.

I go through approximately 10lbs of bird food daily.

My husband says I’m making these birds dependent and they won’t lead normal bird lives… what would happen to them if I quit feeding them?   He thinks I will create over-population because I artificially create a food source.

He’s right.

But, I love having them.  When we first moved here, there were no bees, no birds, no flowers, no grass and hardly any trees.

For me, the place now has life.

Here are two short video of some of the birds who feed in the backyard.  I didn’t video any doves because they weren’t here when I took the video.  The doves are huge and they usually sit in the buckets – scaring all of the other birds away.

Birds #1 video

Birds #2 video

Click image to watch the video

Click image to watch video

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