My office bird’s nest has babies again!

Before I left for vacation, I noticed quite a bit of activity on the previously abandoned nest outside my office.

The next is set upon our drain spout, up near the roof.  The cats cannot reach the nest, and it is nicely sheltered, so it is a perfect spot.  A pair of house finches have been using it for a few years, except last year, at the end of the season, I found a deceased adult bird in the nest, so I figured that something had gone terribly wrong there.

I assumed the nest would not be used again.

However, I was wrong!  Someone else has taken up residency!  I still think it is a house finch family… but probably a new adult with the original mother or father.

Actually, I have no idea… since I know nothing about bird habitation.  Do you?


My first photo… 4 eggs. I’m standing on a ladder and my arm is way up high to take this pic. I cannot see what is inside the nest myself.

A week later… ?? What happened to the other egg. I figure an owl stole it.

When we got back from vacation, Viola! Babies!

Mom is diligently putting all of the poop outside of the nest. Lovely.  I can see three heads, for sure.  So I guess there are only three babies.

I took this one this morning. Clearly there is one angry baby looking right at me… but I cannot count how many there are… ?

Here is another pic from this morning. I think, noting tail feathers, there are 4?111 I think I see 3 sets of tail feathers and another baby up front and under the rest.


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  1. Bunny

    If you can catch a glimpse of mama bird long enough to note some physical characteristics – or better yet, a photo of mama bird, the Cornell Bird Lab can assist with identification. They can even match a recorded bird call! Good luck with your new feathered family!

  2. Angie

    Dawn, I believe you are right…those are House Finch eggs/babies. How exciting it is to watch new life! Birds are so lovely…enjoy your little feathered family.

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