My friend had two more BABIES!

My friend is a Morgan breeder in Vermont.  His facility is called East of Equinox Farm and they have the old style Morgan that I love.  Many years ago, I toured their place and purchased two colts.  One grew into a lovely black stallion (which I sold because I wasn’t set up for stallions) and the other grew into my most favorite riding horse ever –  Aladdin.

Me on the trail with Aladdin.

My best guy when he was showing as a 2 year-old.


In a while, when I’m back in Grass Valley, I might be in the market for a baby.  Since I have no mares anymore, I will need to purchase a baby.  And, for me, why not go back to the well?  I have only purchased from two Morgan breeders.   Kohler Farms (where I bought Mama Tess) and East of Equinox.

Since I have enough of Mama Tess’ breeding, I am strongly considering East of Equinox again.  Hence, I’m following all the births.  And, of course, they are sending me texts with photos – as it is happening – so the hook is being set nicely!

This is a 5 month old colt from last year’s crop at East of Equinox. He won the NY Breeder’s Sweepstakes.  He is related to my Aladdin.



Just born

24 hours later…

And now two two more East of Equinox MORGAN BABIES were born!

This filly was born!

And then this black colt!

Loook at that face!

A great shot of the filly and the black colt, napping. These two mares know each other well.

Then they put all three mares together and this is what happened! Such a great shot!  These babies will be a pack of craziness very soon!

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