MY FINGERS ARE BLEEDING! Silly FINN, and another tree that I thought was a goner – is ALIVE!

For the past few weeks, I’ve bloodied my fingers creating over 200 necklaces for the Paso Robles Wine Festival.

I was invited (Yay!) to be one of the 6 non-wine vendors!

The fun part is that we only have 4 hours (FOUR HOURS from 12-4) to sell a bus load of necklaces!

I’m hoping that we are so busy, the time whizzes by and we sell out!  That would be an incredible boost for our May Bucket Fund Kansas 53 horses!

I’m so hopeful! I made over 200 necklaces to sell during our 4 hour window at Paso Robles Wine Festival!  These are my jewelry bags.  They are stuffed!   I have 6 more to finish and I’m ready for Saturday!!


Finn and I took a break and we went across the road to ride.  Finn is such a prankster!  If we are in the round pen, he goes through all of his exercises without any cues, and then waits for his treat.

Such a silly boy!

I wanted to ride around the vineyards today, but no one was around and I didn’t know how to access them.  So, next time!

Here we are! Ready to ride! Finn HATED the leather dangles that were in his headband. So, I removed them.

My house is behind that clump of trees. I feel so lucky and blessed that this riding facility is so close!

We went into the round pen, he went through all his paces without cues, and then wanted his treat – you can see his ‘treat face’ here.

There are bunnies ALL OVER this place. There must be no cats or any predators. Literally, there are at least 25 bunnies.

If you look at our shadow, it looks like I’m riding a sea creature.


I had forgotten that I put the Black Diamond Vermicompost around this tree.  As you can see, it was looking very poorly.  Hubby wanted to cut it down.  I told him to let me try to revitalize it with the live worms.

This is the sickly tree outside of our bedroom. Hubby wanted to cut it down 3 weeks ago. I took this pic and said we should give it some vermicompost and see what happens…

I took this photo today! LOOK at all the buds! I swear by Black Diamond Vermicompost. And, I have no affiliation. I don’t get any kickbacks or free stuff for saying all this about them. I just love that there is a product to help Mother Nature so naturally and cleanly!

Look at the tree – only 3 weeks after applying the worms!! (no affiliation at all…)

If you missed my blog yesterday about the worms, below is the contact information for Black Diamond VermiCompost.  You can order online.  She sells the vermicompost (no worms but really great stuff) or the type with the worms… but you have to call her to get the type with the worms because she sells out all the time.

Contact:  Black Diamond VermiCompost website:

Click here for the Product Ordering Page:


Phone:  805.674.0194

Click to go to the ordering page


One of our very supportive readers, Doris, sent 60 handmade cards for us to use as a promotion for the MAY BUCKET FUND KANSAS 53 horses.

Doris McQuiddy took all of these lovely, scenic photographs, printed them all, cut them to size, added her special signatures, added photos to the back –  and sent them to me FOR THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!!!!

Thank you, Doris!

Click the below buttons and we will send to you a selection of these handmade cards (shipping included)!  We only have limited sets so come get ’em!


–Set of 4 cards for $20 per set  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A SET OF 4 CARDS

–Set of 5 cards for $25 per set  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A SET OF 5 CARDS

All the monies we will then donate to the May Drop in the Bucket Fund!  You will love these cards!  Such a bargain for all this love!

All the cards are beautiful and come with envelopes. I will select a nice set for you!

All beautiful photography by Dorothy McQuiddy. She created and printed these cards with love for the Bucket Fund horses.



Click here to read their story.  Click here to Donate!  Thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

–We are  2/3 the way there to helping ALL 53 of these horses have a better life!

CLICK HERE to see the donation thermometer rise!

She looks much better!

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  1. Doris

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope all those lovely necklaces find their homes tomorrow!

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