My Farrier makes my horses all dreamy and sleepy! Kinda like me with a pedicure.

The farrier, Fernando, came out today.

My horses love him.  He is so gentle… and he laughs all the time.  I think the horses appreciate a good joke and a happy attitude.

Here are some pics from the day.  (We did Wrigley first, and of course I forgot to take pics….)

Fernando shows up on time and does a great job.  Today, I gave him an EquiCoolDown headband wrap (that he wore around his neck) to keep him cool… the least I could do….  I wish I had a coat made of that stuff for him!!  (no affiliation)


Gwen was the first to doze off.

Finn was very relaxed until BG came and put her head on his tail.

Here is BG, all droopy eyed… and Finn butting in. He wanted more attention.

Missy Miss couldn’t believe that Mo was so relaxed that he decided to make a huge rolling exhibition.

Mo came back and tried to home in on Missy Miss’s time.

These two… So old and so stoic. I know their hips hurt, etc. But, Fernando does his best to make himself small and work low.





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