My dog thinks she has jobs – and she’s so happy with her performance. My New Year’s Resolution… to be more like my dog.

Has your dog given him/her self a job?  Waking you up in the morning?  Guarding the house?  Waiting for the mailman?  Lording over the toys…?

They all pick a job, however unjoblike it may appear.

To me, dogs, as they mature, are compelled to claim their talent.  The duties come with honest earnest.  It is THEM.  It is what they do.

They never questions whether they are good at it.  They never doubt or suffer fits of insecurity.  They are what they are and they do their chosen profession to the best of their ability.

But most of all, they are satisfied with themselves.


Vivey helps me feed.  Or, at least that what she thinks she does.  And, in her mind, she does an excellent job.  In fact, it is a travesty and an unnecessary risk for me to go out and feed without her.

Now, she doesn’t help me feed at all.  What she does is zoom around while I’m feeding.  But to her, she is doing something very valid.  She checks in every few zooms and continues this for the entire feeding schedule.

She’s good at it.  It suits her.  She picked well.  And, she accomplishes her goal every day.

Oh, and she babysits.  She’s awesome at it.


I’m not like Vivey.  I don’t pick one thing – whatever it is… eating, sleeping, watching Project Runway, arranging shoes, straightening hangers, dusting …  – and feel satisfied all day that I’ve done a great job.  Ever.

Why isn’t that one great job –  enough.

Because when the job is enough, and you are enough, the smile and the joy radiates.

Like dogs.  They radiate joy.

And so should we.  Be happy with the you that is you.  Find the joy in every moment- like your dog finds joy in every moment.  Dogs don’t even think about what they aren’t.  They just are.


My Vivey (Hubby calls her “Putin”) doing her babysitting job.  She does it very well.    (Introducing Natty Bumppo – our little boy pup!  McNab/Lab and German Short Haired Pointers.  He’s 10 weeks old.)

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