My Day yesterday: A Cat Concierge at a local winery…and a ceramic horsehead doll in denim!

Yesterday, eldest daughter (Navy linquist – age 22), came home for 2 weeks because she couldn’t come home during the holidays.

Since she is of wine drinking age now… and since we live in the heart of wine country (344 wineries here in the Paso Robles area), we decided to have a grown-up parents/daughter trip to a winery with a gorgeous view.

Unfortunately, it was raining.  I mean, we like rain in California, for sure… but it did kinda wreck the view.  HOWEVER, the concierge was a CAT.  Awesome.

At first, we couldn’t believe that the cat at the front desk was real.  She looked so fake.  She didn’t move or make any snarly faces when we approached to check in.  She just did her job.

Best. Concierge.  Ever.  We didn’t care about the fogged-in view once we saw the cat.   She actually stayed exactly like this the entire time we were there.  So beautiful.

Concierge Cat at the winery!


OK, does anyone know what this is?  Were ceramic horsehead dolls a thing?

Please let me know if there is a history behind this horsehead doll.   Or, is it just a little odd,  one of a kind hobby doll?

I have no idea… but I had to take a few  pics.

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  1. Karen Babcock

    I have a palomino horse like this wearing a dress! ? Was just researching it on line and found yours. Found her at a swap meet here in AZ quite a few years ago.
    Horse Nut Stables
    Golden Valley, AZ (near Kingman and Bullhead)

  2. Erika Collins

    I work at a vintage shop and came across one yesterday in a red dress and can’t find any information on it

  3. Calvin48

    I have a doll like this, but it has a rabbit’s head and paws. I’ve never seen a horse doll.

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