My Black Friday Bison Skull!

I think I told you all that I blocked out time while in Georgia for Thanksgiving to attend an online Black Friday sale that was happening back in Los Angeles at Maxwell Alexander Gallery.

This was the header for the sale on Black Friday…

I had followed the instructions on how to refresh the site and be ready to pull my credit card trigger at exactly 9am… they said to have the credit card numbers cut and ready to paste or better yet, get Apple Pay because it is faster.  (Actually, it turned out that Pay Pal was faster but…).

Poised and ready, I was on the attack to finally get my Teresa Elliott mini mantle piece.  (This was a sale of original minis by several artists and Teresa was one of them.)

So, as 9am clicked, I refreshed, saw that the sale was ON, clicked on Teresa’s mini, had it in my cart, used  my cut and pasted credit card and… and… the product was SOLD before I could finish my transaction.


Crap.  Not fast ENOUGH.

This is not the mini that Teresa had in the sale… this is the homepage of her website.

So I then went to this bison painting by Dustin Van Wechel… (below).  Literally, I still had my CC ready… the piece was in my cart and … and… Whammo!  Gone before I could close the deal.

Just. Like. That.   I lost another one.

This was the actual painting I had bid on and lost. (click to go to his website)

I had only been online for 2 minutes and I’d already lost my top 2 picks.  Well, I wasn’t going to be a loser on this day so I went back to the site and raced through all the available pieces until I stopped on this bronze.

I clicked, put it in my cart and … and… I WON IT!

I know… a very small photo.

Here is the same photo from the artist’s website:


A small but very heavy box arrived today from Mick Doellinger Sculptures.  It was my bison skull.

I absolutely love it.

Yes, it isn’t an original because it is #106… which equals a “7” in numerology (a great number). However, the patina is original, so I’ll take what I can get.  It weighs 4 pounds!!!!  A beast of a mini sculpture, for sure!

And yes, maybe I like the more red patina of the original in the above photo… but when you hold this bronze bison skull sculpture in your hands, it doesn’t matter at all about the patina.

Here are the pics I took a minute ago.

I had never done an online auction like this… but I figured if Teresa Elliott was part of it, the gallery had to be good.

And it was.

I cannot wait to do this again next year.  So much fun!   And I learned about a brand new group of artists to me, and that was worth all of the struggles!

Merry Christmas to me!  Thank you, AuctionGods for this beauty.


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