I’m sorry that I have been offline for the last two days… it took a day and a half to get to the fabulous SKYDOG RANCH and a day and a half to get back!    It is late, I’m exhausted but the trip was so worth it.

Have you ever seen a horse grin from ear to ear?

Well, I have…

The.  Best.  Feeling.  Ever.

Thank you all.  I wish you could have been there with me to see and feel this.

This is just one of my photos of the incredible, fabulous, perfect for mustangs SKYDOG RANCH SANCTUARY. Sam, Rojo and Remi's new home.

This is just one of my photos of the incredible, fabulous, perfect for mustangs SKYDOG RANCH SANCTUARY. Sam, Rojo and Remi’s glorious new home.


Remi, Rojo and Sam arrived at SkyDog before I did… so they were released the afternoon before I got there.

These photos are of when I went to where they had been released, and called to them…

Me (in my sing-songy voice):  “Mus tan ahng gies!”

I hoped they heard me…

I called to them again and again for a little over a minute.

And then… I saw her.

Remi’s blaze looking at me from way up on a hill.

I called again… and I could see Remi looking right at me.

Remi:  Is that her?  Is the little human here, too?!

And they came running!

Sobs.  The best feeling, ever.  Seeing them so happy, so free, so snorty, and so willing to share it with me… well, my heart healed in that instant.

I called out to them in the spot where they had been released… and after about a minute, I saw Remi looking down at me.


And then Sam appeared to Remi’s right.


And all three of them started running towards me.

Remi stopped right in front of me and I put down some hay - not that they needed it - but I wanted to.

Remi stopped right in front of me.  Sam and Rojo arrived shortly thereafter.


Sam, Remi and Rojo… happy, happy, free, grateful and full of life (again) Mustangs! In this moment, I knew it was the right decision. They could not have been brighter, more contented nor more alive!


So I sat with them and watched them eat as the sun came up behind them…


My glorious, sweet Remi… whose ears had been horizontal for the last 3 months at the new house… was back to her old, bright, engaged, alive self. She was so, so happy. Finally.  This was her new home – for as far as her eyes could see.  Safe, free, forever.


Sam, Remi and Rojo at the Grass Valley ranch.

Sam, Remi and Rojo at the Grass Valley ranch.


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  1. Robin Miles (Robin Jude)

    Oh Dawn,what a beautiful unselfish experience you have shared with all of us.
    Tears welling up in my eyes to watch a heartfelt reunion knowing that releasing them was the most unselfish thing a human could do although bitter sweet. You knew when you saw her ears standing straight up she was free to live the life they were supposed to from now on.
    it makes us love and respect you more than ever.
    God Bless you Dawn and your family —four footed and two footed

  2. Kathy Johnson

    So touched by this story, Dawn! I know it must have been painful to let them go, but I can tell by your photos and how your write about it that you’re at peace. It’s such a great feeling to give an animal something it needs and wants and to know that he/she understands what you’ve done. The connection is priceless.

  3. Vonda

    Just curious. This is my first time being on here! I was looking all through your site and saw these three horses listed under “your crew”. So was just curious what happened between then and now being taken to Skydog??

  4. Debbie

    Sobbing. So happy for the Mustang gang and you. It’s a brave and selfless thing you’ve done. What a glorious and FREE life they will have forever.

  5. Christine Williams

    This brought tears to my eyes! They look so happy. It must have been so hard for you to let them go, but this is worth it. Wonderful! :)

  6. KBW

    What a wonderful ending. The part when they came running to you made me cry. Wow. In a way, you were a way station for them until they reached this happy ending.

  7. Ellen Groppo

    Beautiful story. Beautiful pictures of beautiful mustangs.
    So glad this all worked out. Look forward to hearing more.

  8. Laurie

    Oh Dawn,
    My fingers cannot move fast enough to write on how beautiful and heartwarming these pictures are!!!!!!
    Then you go to call them and they all show up it’s like right out of a movie!!!
    What a confirmation that you have done the very best for three of them.
    Dawn I shall not forget this…..I have actually seen in pictures and your display of words…….FREEDOM.
    Thank you again.

  9. Pamela J Hebert

    Dear Dawn, What peace & souring of your heart you must’ve felt when your cry was answered & they came running, What a once in a lifetime feeling you were fortunate to have had upon having them come running to you, in what was their acknowledgment that you were there to see them off. God bless you Dawn for being able to unselfishly release them to where they belonged, what peace.

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