HOW MUCH BARN OUTERWEAR… and how much hay… is hanging off of YOUR office chair?!


Do you have this same issue?

You put on your barn coat to feed in the morning.  Then you come in side, feel hot, so you put your barn coat on your office chair…  then, you go back out to tend to the horses at lunch, realize it is a bit chilly, so you grab your vest.   After a while, you go back inside and take off the vest.  Around 4pm, you get a beverage, feel cold since you’ve been sitting, so you put on a sweater.  After your drink your beverage, you feel hot again, so you take it off and hang it over your chair.

And this goes on and on.

Yup.  That’s me.

By the end of the day, I have several articles of clothing on my chair, all different weights.  Sometimes I have so many items on my chair, I cannot sit in it correctly.  I tend to push on the item but it creeps back in and throws off my balance in my chair.

Often times, I’ll go out to feed at night and cannot find my original barn jacket because I wore it that morning and now it is on the bottom of the pile on my chair – so I cannot see it.


Anyone else like this with barn clothes and a chair?

This is yesterday’s chair. I have a down vest on the bottom from the early morning feed. I have a brown fancy hoodie for when I went to the Post Office. My red comfort fuzzy for when the house was cold… and my hat because the house was really cold.

This is today’s chair. The red fuzzy is on the bottom because I wore it first for coffee in the kitchen before going out to feed – when I got my red down vest. I took it off, got cold, couldn’t find it, so I grabbed the bright purple vest. Sigh.


OK, well, she really doesn’t have a new job… I purchased this vest so I could control her when we have guests.  She loooooves people.   LOVES PEOPLE.  She tries to be good and sit and stuff… but she becomes overwhelmed with excitement upon the sight of new people… and when this 120lbs of love comes barreling up to a tiny human, she bowls them over – literally.

With this vest, I can have better control over her weight distribution.

When Hubby saw the vest, he thought it was very cool.  Very official.  He wanted her to have badges so she’d look official to the layman… he went to the store on base and purchased these stickers for her.  Scouty was not impressed.

Scouty hating her Sgt. Harrison vest.  It does fit… she had just gotten up and I hadn’t adjusted it yet.

Here she is, trying to rub it off. However, by the end of the day, she forgot she was wearing it.


I can hardly stand the cuteness here!  My neighbor has a new puppy named, Peaches.  Peaches was in her crate when I snuck into the house to pick up my stash of farm fresh eggs.

Oh my lordylordylordy what an incredibly cute face!!


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  1. Brenda

    LMAO!!!! My philosophy….. If you don’t have a chair like this your not a true Horseman!!! At least that’s what I tell myself. ?

  2. Jan Hoole

    My chair is just like yours but my clothes are a lot tattier and less stylish!

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