MOVING SALE #1! Do you want any of these items?! SmartPak Solstice boots, Arc Equine, Leslie Anne Webb print…

As I’m packing up the Grass Valley house, I continue to gather larger items that I don’t want to move and would love to have one of you readers take home at a huge discount.  Also, you will be helping me pay for the fencing at the new house…  ;)

*I had a bunch of my personal jewelry to sell, but I cannot find where I put the box.  Arrrgh.  So when I find it, I will list those items, too!

1 – SMARKPAK SOLSTICE TALL WATERPROOF BOOTS, brown, size 7.  I bought a demo pair that was on clearance for $199.  I’ve worn them once and they are too tall for my tiny shin.  The top of the boot bumps up against my knee!  (Wahhh!)  I love the look of them!  Anyway,  I saw that these boots are on sale at SmartPak for $159 plus shipping.  I will sell my worn once pair (that I bought for $199) for $110 (including shipping).


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 5.23.42 PM

My boots. I bought a demo pair for $199. I have worn them once.

2 – LESLIE ANNE WEBB print “The Guardian”.   24″ x 10″  unframed.

I purchased this from Leslie.  I have not taken it out of its wrapper.  Leslie sells them for $83.94 plus shipping.  I will sell this one for $54 (shipping included).


From Leslie's website.

From Leslie’s website.

3 – ARC EQUINE.  I wrote about the Arc Equine here.   It is an amazing technology out of the UK that is excellent (and proven) at curing open wounds and soft tissue injuries.   I purchased a unit for Mama Tess.  My vets didn’t want me to confuse their protocols – they wanted to control her treatment – so they asked me not to use it…   So, I have a brand new – older version – of the Arc Equine available.  The new versions are listed here for 540 English pounds which is roughly $789.  I paid 405 English pounds for my unit which is roughly $591 – plus shipping from the UK.

Here is Arc Equine’s webpage.

This unit is a few years older than the new units on the website, although the technology is the same.  I don’t know if they would honor any warranty… but as far as I know, it is in perfect condition.  I have only opened the case to take the below photos.

I will sell the new unit that I purchased for $591(plus shipping)  for $295  (including shipping).


Brand new, but a few years old, Arc Equine for sale!

Brand new, but a few years old, Arc Equine for sale!

4 – For you Warner Bros Buffs, “THE DRAW” limited edition,original signed cell by Friz Freleng!   This is a framed Master Collection of THE DRAW, #425 out of 750.  These have been sold out for 20 years.  I purchased it for $950 (the original price tag is still on it).

I did look online and saw one, unframed, for $1250.  Framed size is 25″ x 22″.  Actual cell is 16″ x 12″.

I think this is worth quite a bit, but I am not a dealer… so I am willing to sell this original cell for $625 (including shipping).

To purchase this original Master cell of THE DRAW for $625, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 5.23.05 PM

I purchased this original, signed Master Cell for $950, many years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 5.22.43 PM

The certificate on the back. The original price tag is on the back as well…

5 – MY CRYSTAL CITY.  OK, this is not horse related, but I love this crystal.  I used to have a huge collection of these giant crystals.  One by one, I’ve sold them to admirers.  Now I only have this one.  It is 60lbs so it would be really difficult to ship.  However, if you live anywhere near Sacramento or anywhere between Sacramento and San Luis Obispo, I could meet you and hand it off!

I paid $2250 for this huge crystal.  It measures 27″ across x 18″ wide x 5″ tall !   To me, it looks like a crystal beachside city.  It has a sandy beach, to me…  I will sell it for $895.

If you live near me (Sacramento to San Luis Obispo in CA), click here to purchase for $895


It is a large mass… a beachside city of crystals


So many crystals! It should be in someone’s beautiful garden!


This is looking from the sandy beach part into the crystals.

6 – LG BITLESS BRIDLE, BLACK, SMOOTH CHIN.  I have hoarded this new, wrapped, LG bridle in the closet for a while … I had hoped to purchase a black saddle for BG.  But, so far, it hasn’t happened.  So, I am willing to sell it for $99.  (They cost $125).


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.46.10 PM


These are three Noble Equine Guardsman Flymasks that were given to me by Noble Equine to try.  These sizes (S ) didn’t work for my horses.   If they work for you (please look at the size chart), I will give the money to the Bucket Fund (Noble Equine does not want them back).  Think of it as a $25 donation and you get a flymask that hopefully works for your horse!

To purchase one Small Guardsman Flymask for $25 including shipping, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 6.51.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PM

MAY BUCKET FUND:  THE HUNG HORSES!  These lucky surviving horses are very much alive and would greatly benefit from our support during their long recover!  See a new pic of Cider below – he was the only horse found HANGING that survived!  He is coming around… and that face is one of jealousy because another mare is being groomed instead of him!  They say he is coming around and loooves to be groomed!  Click here to read their storyClick here to donate!

This is beautiful Cider...pouting because another horse is being groomed. Doesn't he look great?!



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