Mother Nature always amazes me. She was ANGRY last week, but happy today!

I know that the USA is experiencing dramatic weather right now.

We, in California, had ours Tues/Wed/Thurs  of last week.  Our town of San Miguel received 13″ of rain in 48 hours!  It was incredible – for us.  And, the winds were epic.  Since we live on a hill, the winds were even more epic than most.  Very dramatic.  Mother Nature was in a mood.

This is Finn, covered in mud after the epic rains. You can see the soil in his paddock… Clay and sand with water = sticky mud.

This is my biggest feeding wheelbarrow. Overnight, this much rain was in it. Wow!

I also think that I told you that rain doesn’t do will with our soil.  You can see it in the photos.  That is also why I only put one or two horses per paddock in wet weather.  The ground cannot take more horses.

Anyway, I’m sure you have your troubles wherever you live…

You can see Mo’s displeasure. And you can see the mud…on him and on the ground.

This part of the pony pasture is not in the sun, so it still has deep, wet donkey hoof holes.


But today… a week after the first day of the epic rains, Mother Nature was happy again.  Mood change.  I even saw grass coming up!  Grass is sprouting where the horses don’t have access (smooth ground) and where the sun shines.

I saw grass appearing outside the paddocks – where the sun shines! (That’s Gwen)

Mo saw it, too!

And roses… I saw a rose bloom today!  I cut all the bushes back last month, and today, a little Charlie Brown rose bush pushed out leaves and a bloom!

Amazing.  This all just cements my mantra that every day is a do-over.  If something is awful, go to sleep and see what the new day brings.  Eventually, no matter how tragic, the grass will grow and a rose will bloom (I know this to be true).

And this spindly rose bush that I had cut back last month… grew leaves and BLOOMED!


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