More UPDATES on our DECEMBER BUCKET FUND mini pair and the pregnant donkey!

In case you missed the previous post, a friend in Grass Valley adopted the pregnant jenny and the mini horse pair.  They were delivered on Christmas Eve.

I hear from her that the mini pair (now named, ‘Thelma and Louise’) are adorable, sweet and perfect.  They go for walks with Jen and are perfectly behaved. She thinks they are mother and daughter.  Jen loves grooming them – but the girls get muddy and wet any chance they get!

A note from Jen:

“I haven’t checked teeth yet, but would say mum is around 20 and Louise 15/16. They must have been so scared at the auction. They were definitely much loved, family pets.  They practically climb in the muck cart, lol, and love having scratches. Today am going to let my dogs officially meet them. “

The pregnant jenny, now named, “Molly”, is coming around…

“Molly is still rather shy, but can’t resist baby carrots!”


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  1. Barbara Mathie

    How much loved family pets can end up in such trouble leaves me wondering how it happened. The one even had a braided mane! Did a family die of COVID? If only we could know what lies beyond the story as we know it. I am happy these 3 are saved but so sad this happened.

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