More batches of birds!

(I posted this yesterday but none of the photos came through because we were having internet technical difficulties yesterday.  So, I’m sending again, hopefully with pics.)

I’ve become that person who feeds everything that walks, flys or crawls.  For the last few years, I’ve been feeding birds in my backyard.  I swear, there could be a hundred at one time.

My hubby thinks I’m contributing to their delinquency, but I do not concur.

Anyway, I have a lot of birds around now.  Probably because I feed them.  But mostly because the land is finally alive and the birds can make a great living here.

2 Nests.

We have two annual nests.  Well, annual for the last 3 years… One is in the crook of a downspout.  The other is in my horse trailer gooseneck (sigh).  (It is a good thing that I don’t trailer out much because there is no way I would upset that nest.)

Usually, both nests have 2 clutches each.  We are on the first clutch for the Downspout chicks.  We are on the second clutch for the Gooseneck chicks.


A very safe nest.

A few weeks ago, I peered into the Downspout nest and found this! 4 eggs.

A few days ago, I went up on my step stool and found this! Four little baby birds!

I went out there just now and found THIS! They grow so fast! They must feel very cramped. Too, they will leave that (disgusting) nest! I wonder where Mom fits now?…


An even safer place…


The first Gooseneck clutch was fledged in a moderate nest and only had two eggs.  You can see that below…

I forgot to go back and check how things were going… so I never saw the first Gooseneck babies or the fledglings.

While the Downspout chicks were hatching and growing, I think the first clutch here at the Gooseneck Nursery was earlier.  These first 2 Gooseneck babies are fledged and gone.

The first nest had a droopy hanging bit and was quite cozy. I could get my phone in there to take a pic easily.

When I squeezed my phone into the tight spot above the nest and below the roof of the gooseneck, I saw 2 eggs.


I decided to check on the Gooseneck nest today.!

What I saw kinda amazed me!  First, the nest is twice the size it was a few weeks ago!  I could barely fit the width of my phone between the top of the nest and the bottom of the gooseneck ceiling.    I took a few photos, which wasn’t easy, and hoped I caught some images.

Well… these new parents are quite the builders and quite the over-achievers because there were 6 eggs!!!  I have never seen 6 eggs before!  This pair must be Super Sparrows!

This nest is a Super Nest! It is twice as high as the first one!

I could barely squeeze my phone into the little space between the nest and the gooseneck ceiling! 6 eggs!!!!




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