Mo the Donkey, is THE MOST AFFECTIONATE donkey!

I’ve had Norma Jean (my brown donkey) for 23 years.

She is kind and gentle, but I wouldn’t call her affectionate.

Sure, she’ll come over for treats or scratches, but she doesn’t openly show her affection.  BG is like that, too.  Very reserved.

OK, so… I was taken aback when Mo’s donkanality started to shine through.  At first when he came to live here, he was scared and standoffish.

But now…he is up in my grill every chance he gets!  Always.  To him, me coming into the paddock is an invitation to move into my personal space and ask for pets.

I’m not complaining…

I just think it is fun and funny.   And, sometimes annoying, but mostly fun!

Here he is with me and my impossible barnie skills (a barnie is a selfie taken with your barn animal).


Here he is, waiting to pounce.

On his approach…

I try to back away, but he raises his head and continues. Some would call this donk dominance, but he obeys me so I’m not sure about that.

Now he has moved in totally with his head on my shoulder. His body looks like Nessie.

Finally I figure out how to turn my camera around. At this point, Mo has been blowing into my ear for a few minutes.

He doesn’t lick or bite, he just smells my face and hair. But the thing is, he won’t quit. Mo could stay like this for hours. As long as I’m petting him, he is in donkey heaven.

He also likes to sniff my hat.

Finally I push away and break up the party…

He walks back up to Missy Miss and gives me that look – “What’d you do that for?”



I know I’ve said that before, but it is true.

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  1. Karen

    What a wonderful picture of you & Mo. Mo must feel so loved and happy now. What a wonderful gift you give each other.

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