Me and my Donkey Shadow.

I have a donkey named Mo.  Well, really his name is Satchmo.  Hubby named him that because his bray is like a trumpet.  Anyway, Mo is like a silly, friendly, very hairy and very large – spider monkey.   He is very clingy and has to be as close to me as possible – at all times.  No personal space Whatsoever.  None.  If I am in his shared paddock, I cannot pay attention to anyone else because his huge donkey head gets in the middle.  If I back up suddenly, I run into him.  Perpetual donkey breath on my neck.  …And it isn’t a treat thing.  I don’t give treats inside the paddock.  I don’t like to get ambushed and I hate constant pocket sniffing.  So, it isn’t about food.

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t really mind, except he hogs a lot of my grooming time and I trip over him.

Mostly I just do not understand what he wants.  I mean, he was a wild donkey who roamed the hills of Nevada.  You’d think he’d be a bit standoffish.   Uh ah.  ‘Stand off’ isn’t something he’d even consider!

On my birthday last year, I had an animal communicator come and read all of my equines.  She told me that Mo was very, very grateful to live here.  She said that he constantly tells the others how wonderful it is to have troughs of water available at all times, and food!  He said he feels safe and can take long naps.  He said life is really good, especially because he has 2 girlfriends all to himself.

So, I guess he is trying to thank me or appreciate me or let me know how grateful his is when he sees me.  Or, he just likes the way I smell.  Dunno.  But I love him, even if he is totally in the way all the time!

~In case you’d like to learn more about Mo, he often chimes in on Norma Jean’s FB page.  So, you can follow him there.

MO PICS FROM THIS AFTERNOON (while I was trying to groom everyone else!)

Here he is, waiting impatiently for me to finish up in the neighboring paddock.  His girls are in the way back, not interested at all.

He becomes angry when I walk too fast. Look at those ears as he trots behind me.

I stop so he stops.

Then he moves in… and this is where he stays. He only lets me move away if I am brushing his back. He doesn’t ever show any aggression. He just likes to be very close. Often he falls asleep just hanging out by me.

I left the paddock and Annie pitched a fit.   Mo stared at me, begging me to come back.

Here he is again, keeping a pleading eye on me.

And here, resigned and sad. I often cannot stand it and I go back in. He has me wrapped around his hoof.



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