GREAT NEWS!  Although our May Bucket Fund Babies are not out of the woods, they are moving in that direction!

Unbelievably, ALL three were released from the hospital yesterday and into foster care – even Little Mo!  This is awesome.  Your Prayers are working!

You can read the original story here.

Little Mo was attacked by a band of stallions, Wrigley was found alone – baking in the hot sun, Roy was found next to his deceased Mother.

–Little Mo was not crushed, just beat up, by the stallion band.  Her mother was never identified.  She is rebounding (with IVs and plasma…) although she is very wary – and who can blame her!

–Wrigley finally absorbed enough fluids to help him pass his impaction – with help from doctors and volunteers, of course.

–Roy was infused with life (IV fluids, plasma…) after being found sitting next to his deceased mother.

All were in the hospital for 4 days and received plasma or colostrum, IV fluids, milk replacer, antibiotics…  the vet bills are astronomical.

Roy being carried into his foster home after his 4 day hospital stay.

Wrigley and Little Mo. Wrigley is happy and engaged. Little Mo is still very wary.

Here is a note from their rehabilitation home:

Roy’s front legs are abnormal, and he is “over” on his knees

He gets little spurts of energy, but then is exhausted, which can be pretty normal for a baby.  He is definitely very fragile, and still cannot regulate his body temperature.

Wrigley is doing well, and is much the same, as far as enjoying play time, but needing lots of rest.

Mo is doing well so far. She was an angry little girl at first, although that would be a natural reaction to having the adult horses pounding on you.  I imagine she is still extremely sore,  but she is much less aggressive already.  She would approach people to say hi and then wheel around and double barrel the person.

None of these babies are even close to being “out of the woods”.  All the babies are on meds, but hopefully will be off soon.

Lots of prayers needed.

CUTE VIDEO of these babies!

Click here to watch a cute little video of the babies today.

We are just $485 short of our goal!  (The vet bills are over $7500!!)

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!

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