Mare Bound For Slaughter Survives Crash & Gives Birth To Miracle Foal


The story made national headlines. 30 horses on their way to slaughter were involved in an interstate crash in Knoxville, Tennessee. 21 of the animals survived, and many were given a second chance at life by Omega Horse Rescue in Pennsylvania.

Six months later, a final miracle has emerged. A foal named Freedom was born to black-and-white pinto mare and crash survivor, Hope on April 12.

Amy Neary, an emergency hauler for the University of Tennesse’s veterinary school, responded to the scene of the crash. It’s a night that still haunts her. She forged a special bond with the mare she would soon adopt and name Hope. She had no idea at the time that her new horse was 5 months pregnant.

Hope gave birth to a healthy medicine hat foal with one blue eye. Neary named him Freedom – Freddy for short.   She is incredibly grateful to see so much good come from that tragic night on the highway.

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