March Bucket Fund receipts and an UPDATE on Keona and Kiki!

Well, so far, no babies.  Phooey.  I had wanted to meet the babies before March was over.  And now we are fully into April and still no babies.

However, the good news is that our March Bucket Fund pregnant, neglected, skinny and young Tribal horses Keona (4 years) and Kiki (2 years)… look really good!  Having the babies hang on for a longer time while Mamas beef up and get healthy, is a very good thing!

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These are hot off the press tonight as they were having dinner.  I am told that Keona (palomino) is rolling a lot.  Of course, this plus her bag and waxing are all signs of impending birth… but Keona is keeping the date a secret thus far.  We shall see…

Kiki looks SO MUCH BETTER.  When she came in, she was a mere skeleton.  Now she has some protection and her baby will benefit from all this great nutrition.

Poor Keona. I feel her…

Keona is due any minute. She is waxing, rolling a lot, has a full bag, her milk vein is protruding and the baby has shifted.

Kiki has some time left and looks much better than she did a month ago. Hopefully the baby will pull through the starvation. Kiki is coming 3 years old – a baby herself.

Our Pay Pal receipt.


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