MANY OF YOU MISSED OUR JULY BUCKET FUND STORY (because it happened on the holiday) SO HERE IS THE STORY AGAIN and an update on poor Blaze!

Poor mustang Blaze almost lost his foot.  The pics are fairly graphic…  so if you’d like to see the detail of his injuries, go here.

Blaze was rescued from the Virginia Range as an orphan at 2 weeks old – and bottle fed by his rescuers – the same people that found him – Lucky Star Ranch (a well respected sanctuary that often helps all of the Virginia Range wild horse rescue teams).  Blaze’s owners were devastated and frightened, but managed to quickly put on a handmade tourniquet and transport him to the nearest equine hospital.  There, Blaze was quickly put straight into surgery.

This all happened the afternoon before July 4th.  So, many of you were not here to know the story…   The original story is here.

Click image to go to the original story.

IT WAS MY FAULT that I wrote the story over a holiday … and I’d like to do better for poor Blaze and his devastated family (the hospital bills are enormous).  CAN WE HELP?!  Any Starbucks money or car seat change?  It all adds up!  All donations are 100% tax-deductible!  THANK YOU in advance!

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I have some updated pics on Blaze.  He made it through surgery, has a cast and is not eating or drinking very well.  They feel he is in severe pain, – for those of us who have had injuries like this, we understand severe pain and depression after injury/surgery …  Poor guy.  Really.

If he comes through this week, the vets feel his is very likely to heal all the way.

Could you imagine walking out to an injury like this on your horse who you bottle fed since he was 2 weeks old – or any horse?!!

He is such a little, sweet guy…. all kinds of treats to entice him to eat.

This is his first cast. He will need several …

Poor guy is in a lot of pain and is not eating much or drinking much. Of course, neither would I after an intense injury and surgery like this.

The vets asked Blaze’s owners to come down – when they were closed on Sunday – to bring Blaze treats and sit with him so he would eat.


If you have Starbucks money or any car seat change, we would be forever grateful.  Many thanks in advance!

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