Looking for a Bucket Fund Horse… do you know a dire case? And and update on Keona!

Now that Facebook has squashed our ability to see or be seen, it has become more difficult to find Bucket Fund stories…  I wanted to support the horses who were hurt during the fireworks explosion in CA, but upon contacting the service caring for them, they said the horses have received enough donations to care for them.  Now I have no ideas for April’s Bucket Fund horse.

So… I am happy to hear any stories you may have of horses/foals/donkeys in dire need.  Just know that the issue has to be current and urgent, and that we don’t give funds to individuals, only vets, feed stores and registered equine rescues.

Thank you for helping here.  I need lots of ears and eyes out there to find these needy horses!

Feel free to comment or email me.


Our Bucket Fund horses from last month, Keona and Kiki, are doing well, considering.  They are gaining good weight and are feeling much better!

This morning, I received these two photos of Keona.  Poor girl.  She looks miserable!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    It looks like she has made the decision to put him down. I did contact her, just in case there is hope. Thank you.

  2. Rox

    Dawn, this might be one but the needs of the rescue organization on this seizure might be more than any fundraiser can handle because there are 48 starved horses that the rescue mentioned in the online equine investigative reporting journal which has the most comprehensive story I’ve found (because as usual the local media wants not to touch this with a 10-foot pole). Oregon is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL — it slacks horribly about appropriately prosecuting animal neglect and abuse issues, and has for years with no improvement. Classic example of creating laws on the books to make Oregon “look good” but then the laws just simply are not enforced. You can read another story on that website about the Creswell debacle which of course does not have a good outcome either because the perp wasn’t appropriately punished. Can you tell I’m STILL mad about that one? Oh, YEAH. The investigative online journal is nwhorsereport dot com. The 48 horses were American Saddlebreds and the breeder has been getting away with this for years. PM me if you want some more details NSF public forum. The facebook page that was started by the Saddlebreds’ owner’s former employees also got shut down by FB just as the employees were pleading for help (over and over AND OVER again for law enforcement to step in – which didn’t happen for nearly five years). I still do not get why there weren’t additional felony charges for either horse abuser for the multiple dead horses found on their respective properties when witnesses came forward to report those were starvation deaths. I lived in another state where either of these cases would have meant full restitution, prohibition of future animal ownership or custody of any kind, and most importantly MANDATORY JAIL TIME. In Oregon that just never happens. Never once in the 30 years I’ve lived in Oregon.

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