LOOK what happened to my truck!!

I remember the day I bought my dually.  It was a huge deal for me … to commit to purchasing a truck – because then that would mean that I would, indeed, purchase a trailer.

Previously, my friends would take me trail riding…  but that got old after a while… always waiting for someone to invite me.

So, I made the decision to purchase my own rig.

After several weeks of contemplation, my friend who worked at a Dodge dealership called me to tell me that he had gotten a trade-in that I should buy – immediately.  It was just what I wanted… long-bed, Dodge 3500, Cummins engine, good shape.  The year was 1997.  The truck was a 1995.  I bought it.  60,000 miles.

I was so proud of that truck.  I was even more proud learning how to drive it.

Immediately thereafter, I called Oklahoma 4-Star and asked to purchase a 2 horse slant, gooseneck.  At that time, those were relatively unheardof – and she just happened to have one coming off the line.  I purchased it and they delivered it to me in Oregon.

I was in heaven.  The perfect small rig for me and Aladdin.

Anyway, back to the truck… it is now 25 years old.  I’ve taken great care of it mechanically, but the exterior… well, it didn’t look so good.  The paint was peeling everywhere.  Some of it was rusting.

My sweet, beloved truck needed some love.

My truck and trailer.


Hubby told me that he would gift me with a truck painting job for Xmas.  However, I had to find a good deal.

It just so happened, my wonderful farrier, Fernando, his brother in law was learning how to paint cars.

So, I asked if he had graduated from the course… and he had.  So I asked to be one of his first clients.


I dropped off my truck (2 hours away) to Fernando’s very sweet brother in law, three weeks ago.  He told me that it would take 3 weeks.  Along the way, he sent some pics of his progress…

My truck was ready for some love…


Today, on Thanksgiving, Hubby and I drove down to Los Olivos, CA to pick up the truck.  Wow.  Wow!

ANYONE WHO NEEDS ANY AUTO PAINTED should go to Fernando’s brother in Law.

He lives in the glorious town of Los Olivos which has great wine tasting and shopping.  So, I suggest driving there, dropping off your vehicle, go wine tasting and shopping, spend the night, go home.  Come back three weeks later and do it again, except pick up your vehicle.

email me if you’d like Fernando’s brother in law’s contact information so that you can have your car or truck painted!  Los Olivos is a glorious CA destination.  Not too busy and very quaint with great shopping and wine tasting.  Worth the trip!!

Here is my newly painted truck, parked on the darling streets of Los Olivos. I was so excited, I took a few pics before we left to go home.

It looks almost new! (Nevermind the foggy light covers)

So bright and shiny!!

Here it is at home… I need to do something with the wheels…. I know…

I’m so pleased!!!

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  1. Joni McCormick

    Looks terrific Dawn!! Wish he were a little closer and in Florida though!! Congratulations and I know you’ll feel like you have a new vehicle every time you drive it. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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