(I am feeling much better.  Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts yesterday… made my day!)

Mama Tess.  She was such a proud and strong mare.

I FEEL LIKE IT IS MY FAULT that “The Mama Tess Old and Forgotten” January Bucket Fund is not very full…

I feel that I’ve been distracted by being ill and have not done all that I could to show you the value of supporting the old, forgotten  horses of The Golden Carrot (want to help sponsor one?)..  So, today I am showing you more candid photos of their lovely selves so you can get a feel of their personalities and why they deserve support, too!

I think Mama Tess could have easily been an old and forgotten horse with her feet… yet she was an amazing, loving, strong, incredible mare.  She passed at 26 years.  I wish I could have kept her going so much longer.  Her mind and body were all there.  But, her feet…  So very sad.

But here we have several very healthy older horses who can live on very happily!  They just need support for all of their daily necessities.

Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you thank you in advance!

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This is Glory (late 20s, early 30s). Isn’t she delicate and pretty?!

Trace (30s) and Jeeps (26)  love each other…

Bear (late 20s,/early 30s)  guarding Polly (20)

Beautiful Daisy (30).

Ashley (28) loves her donks!

Carson (mid 30s) napping.

Old Man Jet (33) – still proud.

PLEASE HELP support these oldsters.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible!  Thank you.  MT thanks you.

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    Sorry you were under the weather yesterday Dawn but glad you are feeling much better.

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