Like water seeks its level… MUSICAL HORSES until we get it right!

So…. I had moved Gwen out of Annie’s paddock because I thought Annie was being too pushy and I wanted Gwen to get a break.

Then… Annie had a colic episode.

And she seemed depressed; Not as much nickering and she just hung her head by the fence.


OK.  You win.

A long face, literally, from Annie since I moved Gwen out of her paddock.

…In the other paddock, Gwen seemed happy – pushing the pony and donkey around – but she also seemed to think that their paddock was too small.

So, I locked up Norma and Dodger (safely) in the shaded dogleg of their paddock.

Then, I opened the gate between the two paddocks.

Immediately, Gwen ran back in with Annie.   (OK, well, that’s resolved.)  Annie didn’t seem to take notice of Gwen although I know she knew Gwen was back in with her.

I opened the paddock gate, and Gwen ran back in with Annie. I guess she doesn’t feel that bullied by her…

Of course, Annie had to run into the pony paddock.  Gwen followed.

Now I had all 4 in the smallest paddock, with Norma and Dodger in the dogleg.

Here they are – all 4 of them in the smallest paddock. You can see Norma to the left of frame, locked in the dogleg.   Annie is on the right of frame and Gwen is half in the shade, half out.

Immediately, Annie started rearranging the furniture.  The feeder was dumped, the water was dumped… You know the drill.

Immediately, Annie started wrecking things. She turned over the feeder and spilled water…

OK, well, that wasn’t working for me… and as I was scolding her and re-righting everything, Gwen ran back into their pasture – straight to Annie’s feeder.  As soon as Annie saw this, she became very angry and stormed back over to guard her feeder.  Gwen ran away back to her area.

Gwen saw her chance to get to Annie’s feeder.

Annie saw Gwen at her feeder, so she ousted Gwen and took over. Once again, everyone was in their comfort positions. Far right are Finn and BG. Then Annie is the big, dark block by the middle feeder, and Gwen assumed her position by the pear tree. Peace.

I shut the gate between paddocks and let Norma and Dodger back out.  They were happy.

I looked over at Annie and Gwen… they were happy.

The water was at level.

Ahhh.  When they are happy, I’m happy.

Norma and Dodger were happy to be back. Stasis.


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