Letting the donkey (Mo) decide… so interesting!

So you all know that Mo decided to switch pastures earlier in the week.   I was quite surprised because I thought he loved Annie and Missy Miss.  But, I guess I was wrong because he begged to be let into Finn and BG’s pasture.

Well, after a kerfuffle, it ended up that Mo, Gwen and Wrigley ended up together.  Finn and BG departed to an upper pasture.

Gwen and Wrigley are siblings and they tolerate each other.  But I think Gwen simply HATED Mo.  She pinned her ears at him constantly… Wrig pinned his ears at both of them to make sure he was BOSS… I think it was all just too volatile for that threesome.  I think Gwen and Mo wanted AWAY from each other!  (Noting the battle scars on Mo’s back, I think they all had words…).

Anyway, I had left their gate open to the big field so that they could work it out in that open space – if need by.

When I went out to feed this morning and get everyone ready for the farrier, this was my view.  Mo wasn’t coming in for breakfast.  Instead, he was standing outside of his previous pasture (the one with Annie and Missy Miss).  I figured he wanted back in, away from Gwen and Wrig.  So, I entered the big pasture and approached Mo.

It looked like Mo wanted back into his previous pasture with Annie and MIssy Miss.


Lo and behold, Gwen shot out and ran past us to the Pony Pasture.  She started banging on the gate to get in with them.

OK.  That’s an easy ask.  They know each other very well… OK.

Gwen shot up into the pony pasture.  The arrow points to Gwen – it is dark in the shelter and she’s dark… (Do you see how big the Mulberry tree is that Annie almost killed last Fall?!)


I turned my attention back to Mo.  I opened the gate into Annie and Missy Miss’ pasture.

Here he is… looks like he wants in. So I opened the gate… and … nothing. He didn’t go in.

Instead, he made a decision.

He started walking back to Wrigley.

We stood at Wrigley’s gate for a moment… and then I opened that gate.

And he went in! I think he realized that Gwen had relocated herself… and he wanted to try it with just Wrig. Here he is, looking to the right, over at Missy MIss and Annie.


Mo wanted a brush… so I did. I noted that his winter coat is already fully on.

And I saw all the very recent bites… from either Wrig or Gwen. However, I didn’t feel too sorry for Mo because he can be very pushy.

More recent battle wounds.

Annie and Missy Miss are now eating out of the same feeder…

Gwen took charge of the pony pasture. She was born in a pasture in Oregon – and Norma Jean and Dodger were both there at the time. Now Gwen is the boss but I remember when the little ones pushed her around. So… the three oldies are together again. For now…  (Look how huge those trees are now!  I put those in last year!  The Mulberry will get fleeced by Gwen, I’m sure.)

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  1. Barbara Mathie

    Your trees are growing very well, congrats. I love playing charades and our animals sure know how to do this. They lead you on a merry chase! LOL

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