The ladies TAKE COVER!

(First off, I want to say to anyone else out there who is suffering this epic flu virus knock you on your tail thing… and I hear that there are many of us out there… I’m so sorry that you have this, too.  The only good thing about it – is that we will recover.  ‘Nuff said.)


Yesterday I told you about the first rains that fell upon Southern California.  Well, if you read the news about the mudslides, you probably surmised that the first rains turned into Noah’s Raging Waters over night.  It was non-stop and pelting.  Besides having this flu, the storm kept me awake!  I usually like listening to rain and storms… but not when roofs could fly.

Anyway, we were all fine here.  Of course, there is the slippery mud.  I hate it and the  horses hate it.  But, at least they all have cover.

Which brings me to what I wanted to show you today.

Yesterday, all of the horses were lollygagging in the rain and lolling about in the mud.  Today, different story.

Here is one photo summation:

I’m looking out my kitchen window. The rain continues to pound. I see Mo, with his ears sideways… standing watch.

Zooming in, we see miserable Mo, doing his job… and the ladies…

The ladies (Annie closest to camera with her head down. Missy Miss watching the goings on.) are all cozy, taking their siestas under their shelter. Mo could fit in there, too. Or he could watch while under the other shelter in their paddock, but instead he takes a proper watch. He is such a good boy.



Today, everyone was under cover…

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