You know those rides when you say to yourself, “IT DOESN’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS…”. Yup. I had one of those today. Thank you, Rob.

(We are at R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.  FB here.  The best guest ranch for …everything!  Especially if you want riding, eating and having a lovely, relaxed, gloriously gorgeous time.  Once you’ve been, you’ll come back as often as you can.  I promise.)

I had an epic ride today.

It wasn’t a perfect score or a perfect ride… it was a perfect experience.

It all happened by chance.  I got really, really lucky.  Everyone else wanted to do a different ride than what I had in mind… Consequently, I was alone with one wrangler.  And that wrangler, Rob, decided that it was his job to make this my best ride ever.  He said we could go wherever and do whatever – at any pace.

Wow!  OK.  Well….

Of course, I didn’t know where to go in this vast, wonderful place… so I said, “Water, single track, different speeds, mix it up, and some cross country!”.

“OK!, Let’s go!” said Rob as he let out a ‘whoop!’.  We were off!

I still have no idea where we went.  And to be honest, it didn’t matter.  We were in Mother Nature’s Lap.  The grasses swayed, the trees whispered, the water gurgled, the animals came out (we saw 70 elk including 2 bulls), the sky reflected the silvery clouds and the entire day – every moment – was filled with awe and joy.  And when we weren’t pondering how lucky we were to be in this story, we chatted about our dreams and the power of the natural world .  Two strangers sharing as only strangers do, on horseback, in the wilderness, with Mother Nature as loving chaperone.  Glorious.

That’s what it felt like to me.

Coming back into the barns, I was moved to tears.  I was so overwhelmed because I realized what had just happened.  What I was gifted…

One of the best days, ever.

 It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Here are photos (when I remembered to take them) of the most beautiful, most stunning, most fun, most Wyoming cowgirly, most humbling, most communal and most joyous ride I’ve experienced in a very long time.

It started off as a cloudy morning.   You can see the rain coming… we all ran back and got our rain gear. (Do you see the mini donkey in the foreground?)

While we waited to go on our rides, this horse was beckoning me…


I spotted my horse.  Well, I should say that I spotted my saddle…

First we went to the water… a gorgeous stream. That is Rob on his personal horse.

And then we set off through glorious meadows.

And more water…

And then the Snake River.

Here we were deciding where to go next… and we headed for the hills! Cash is listening to me offer my suggestions.

And so we climbed and climbed… it felt like we were on top of the world. It is difficult to see, but the treeline next and below me was incredible.

Photos don’t do this justice… the weather, the sky, the trees… it was awesome!

And when we arrived back at the barn, the sky looked like this. Spectacular. I would like to think that the Horsegods were bursting with pride for the wondrous show they created today.


To me, if I am motivated to give someone a book, that person rates.  At least for me…

So, when Rob found me later and handed me his favorite book, the day was etched in my scroll of life.  I will read it, return it and somehow pay him back for this glorious gift of a day.

I always say stuff like, “That was so great that if God struck me dead right now, it’d be fair…”.  And again today, I said exactly that to another guest.  I came back to the lodge after the ride and Bob saw that I was crying… he asked what was wrong and I said, “Nothing.  The ride was so incredible, that I’m crying.  If God struck me dead right now, it would be OK because that ride was perfect.”

But then I realized… I have to repay him.

Or maybe, by expressing this, the Universe will do it for me.

Rob was telling me about one of his favorite books while we were on this glorious ride. It was Ishmael. Later, after we had come back, he found me and handed me his copy. Yup. Not only a perfect ride, but a parting gift. The Universe will shine upon him, I’m pretty certain.




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  1. Kathy

    What an absolutely stunning and spectacular experience. Maybe Mama Tess had something to do with it after your loving care of her? I loved seeing your beautiful photos and hearing about such a special ride. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Lu Kennedy

    Thank you for sharing your special ride. I enjoyed it so much and it took away some of my sadness for a
    time. I lost my German Shepherd who was 14 last month and just found out that my eleven year old GS has
    liver cancer. It has not been a cheerful time but I was completely lost in your ride. Thanks so much for the
    joy you bring into life with Horse and Man.

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