I saw this story and it broke my heart.

Can we help those who are helping Buddy?  He is 28, incredibly well mannered and kind, who was dumped at an auction because he could no longer keep good weight.

Shame on those owners.  If you cannot feed your elder horse, please get help before he is in this condition, thrown away at an auction where younger horses will brutalize him.

Let’s help No Nonsense Natural Horsemanship Rescue help Buddy.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!

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This is what was written below this photo on the NNNH FB page:

Horse Owners Everywhere. Do us rescues a favor. When your senior gelding becomes a hard keeper… when they finally get that hitch in their step…dont dump your 28 year old horse at an auction…for that measly couple hundred dollars you can get. Call the vet and give them a peaceful ending to their life. Where they remember how loved they were. Where they don’t have to be shoved on a trailer from hell and moved from lot to lot till that horrible place in Mexico do what they did for you all those years…take care of them because they deserve nothing less
Fortunately for Buddy we were able to intercept him but not before he lost weight and was beaten up by multiple horses because he just can’t get around as good as he used to. But I saved your horse today
NNNH Rescue
Tiffaney Kalata

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    The photo credit said “snow under a microscope”. But, it could be incorrect. Thanks!

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