Happy Birthday to me!  I hate getting older, but I love birthdays!

ON MY BIRTHDAY, can we help Jasper?! (June Bucket Fund story here.)  If you were ever going to buy me a coffee or a cupcake on my birthday because you’ve enjoyed the blog  – PLEASE Do!  Thank you very much!  And I will give it to Jasper for his surgery.  All birthday donations are 100% tax deductible, too!   Can’t beat that!!  Many thanks in advance!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

CLICK HERE to donate a lovely cup of birthday coffee ($5)!

CLICK HERE to donate a birthday glob of tasty ice cream ($10)!

CLICK HERE to donate a lovely birthday glass of wine during a gorgeous sunset ($15)!

CLICK HERE to donate a big, yummy chocolate cake with white frosting cake ($20)!

CLICK HERE to donate a relaxing Pedicure ($25)!

CLICK HERE to donate an AMAZING massage ($100)!

Or use the DONATE button to enter any 100% tax deductible amount  – to Jasper.  It all adds up!!  THANK YOU in advance!

If you receive this blog via email, click here to donate! 

Jasper, before he was shot.


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