Do you have an incredible equine product you use or make? TELL ME!

So this morning, I found out that a very loyal reader – she’s been reading for years now – manufactures a product to cool down humans and horses!

I only know this because after I wrote about how to cool down a hot horse, she contacted Horse and Man and said that she created a product just for this purpose!

Of course, I asked if she would send a sample for me to review and potentially write about.

And then I thought… hmmmm, how many others out there have great equine products that they couldn’t live without – or that they manufacture and feel is extraordinary?

How great would it be to learn and share with all of you?!

I remember that when Mama Tess was sick for those 3 years, I researched so many products… and it was fascinating and heartbreaking, but whatever worked, I shared.

I love that.  I love sharing amazing products.

DO YOU?  Do you know of an equine product that has changed your life?! – PLEASE SHARE

If you use an equine product because it has been life changing for you or your horse, PULEEZE  email me and give me the name and link.

If you make a product, I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried, so mail me a sample and if I love it as much as you do, I will write about it!

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