In Arizona, it is illegal to have your donkey sleep in a bathtub.

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In Arizona, it’s illegal to have your donkey sleep in a bathtub. I personally find this unfair. I believe that if I want to have my donkey to sleep in my bathtub, I think it should be legal. This law is quite odd compared to the others, yet there is a good story behind it.

“Why in the world would we need a law prohibiting donkeys to sleep in bathtubs? There is actually a good story here. It begins back a few years before the law was passed in 1924. It seems that a certain rancher who lived near Kingman Arizona had a donkey that became accustomed to sleeping in an abandoned bathtub on the rancher’s property. This may not seem like such a crime…a little weird, but not something that would hurt anyone else.”

“The problem arose when a dam broke loose and flooded the town and surrounding areas. When the flood reached the rancher’s property, it took his donkey and bathtub for a ride down the wash and into a basin. The story goes that quite a bit of the town’s resources and manpower were spent trying to rescue the donkey from the bathtub. It must’ve made the townspeople pretty upset, because not long after the event, the law banning donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs was passed.

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