IMPORTANT REPOST: OCTOBER BUCKET FUND – NUNU, the horse who was RIDDEN AT A RUN 7 miles down a Chicago freeway and WHIPPED AFTER SHE COLLAPSED… will live… but she needs intense care. LET’S HELP HER!

I made the error of posting this initially last Friday… Fridays are notoriously bad days for readership…  So I am reposting today.  I’d like to give NUNU a better chance for her Bucket Fund.

NUNU, the horse who was RIDDEN AT A RUN 7 miles down a Chicago freeway and WHIPPED AFTER SHE COLLAPSED.

Did you read this horrific story?   The man who ran his horse (NUNU) down the freeway?

You can read one of the many news stories here.  It was reported that NuNu was run 7 miles down the freeway and that she was whipped when she fell.  Her legs and sides were bleeding.

She is now at Forest View Farms, and we can help her with her ongoing care!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance.  This is horrific to me and I cannot believe the torment this poor horse had to endure.

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Here is a brief news description:

“CBS2 reported that the horse was taken into care by animal services after Hollingsworth was arrested. A veterinarian said its heart-rate was double that of a normal horse, and that its eyes had dilated to the point where they resembled those of a cartoon character. The animal was also overheated, dehydrated and had been further injured by Hollingsworth failing to saddle it properly. Veterinarians said it would have been ‘virtually impossible’ for Hollingsworth not to have known that it was suffering. The horse was given painkillers to ease its pain, but remained critically-ill as-of Tuesday. Medics say it is unlikely the animal will ever recover, and believe it will have to be put to sleep. In June, Hollingsworth posted a Facebook video vowing to ride his horse until it died.”


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NuNu was brought to Forest View Farms.  We know that NuNu had excellent medical care immediately after she was turned over to the authorities.  She was given bags and bags of fluids but no other protocols were released pending the court case.  However, they were able to send some photos.  It is said that she will survive but her recovery will be very long.  She should never be ridden again.

NuNu is recovering. However, she will never be ridden again.

A NOTE FROM HER CARETAKERS AT FOREST VIEW FARMS – They are so grateful for the help… and NuNu is starting to show extreme gratitude as well!

Here is a note from her caretakers at Forest View Farms:

“Nunu personality was a hard thing to judge in the beginning, she just did what ever we asked without question! Now that she is feeling better she is starting to show us what she likes and don’t like! She does not have a mean bone in her body, she loves face rubs and not sure she is to fond of my constant kisses! We can see the light slowly coming back in to her eyes! I think her true self is slowly coming out!”

They say that she was VERY obedient and wide eyed.  Thank you thank you!!

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  1. Bunny

    This American society needs a clear way to determine who IS a horsewoman or horseman vs who is a pretender. Start with the media under-reporting and even expressing sympathy (OMG – really???) to the Dread Head Cowboy – reporters, not worthy of the title, who do not even bestir themselves to figure out exactly WHAT cruelty to animals IS and how exponentially worse is FELONY cruelty. Then moderators of popular equine forums please start removing baseless “opinions” from idiots who evidently have it in for this rescue organization and are snarking BIG time while expressing sympathy for the Dread Head Cowboy. Anyone who is a true horseman or true horsewoman would never EVER express sympathy for someone who abuses an animal even if the excuse for such heinous cruelty is allegedly in the service of good works or religion (the latter, please educate yourself on haj meats – if you can stand to do so). I am completely disgusted with the way most of the media and a lot of the equestrian forums have treated this matter and continue to applaud you, Dawn, for keeping the RIGHT STORY in front of your readers. Unfortunately the way the court system works that “cowboy” will likely get just a wrist tickle, not even a hearty slap, because he was “doing it for the kids.”

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