Imagine if the back shoe got caught on the front shoe… while riding!

Hello Everyone!  As I’m getting back into the swing of things, I find myself grabbing interesting stories that I’ve read and hoarding them on my desktop.

This one I found today and I cannot even imagine how this went down.  The good news is that everyone was OK.

Forensically, and with no real knowledge or science… it looks like the shoes and the foot may have needed a trim and reset, but I’m not sure because the fall could have mangled things.  And, the horse looks like a gaited horse, so that may be a clue.  Again, I know nothing… so I don’t know how or why this happened.  Just speculating.

In any event, there must have been a few odd hops with and abrupt jarring motion – and then they all fell down.  Luckily, no one hit the fence.  And, luckily, the horse remained calm.


Here is the story.  It was on FB.

Boone County Indiana Sheriff’s Office

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This afternoon, the Zionsville Fire Department, Zionsville Indiana Police Department, and the ACD were dispatched to reports of a horseback riding incident. The had two horseshoes become stuck together mid-stride, causing the horse to go down. Thank you to ZPD Sergeant J. Dennemann who was first on scene and kept the horse calm ! Thank you to off-duty Deputy Sutphin for the use of your farrier skills ! And thank you DVM Bruce McDavitt Veterinary Clinic LLC for your emergency evaluation of the animal ! The rider and the horse are both expected to be okay due to the quick response of the above persons and the concern of the many neighbors in the area.

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