I’m not even into STAR WARS, but this is AWESOME! Storm Troopers put up the Christmas Tree.

I guess this has been going around for a few Christmases now, but I had never seen it.  So if you are like me, you might really enjoy this.  I just cannot imagine taking the time to do this kind of animation.  Amazing.  I don’t know who did this originally… but I got it from Star Wars Maniac.

The comments on each pic are mine.  Enjoy!


Love the Sharpie moustach on the guy lower right corner.

Of course… the guy with the map… Ha!

And the guy sleeping on the job…

‘Sleeping on the job guy’ gets in trouble.

BIG trouble!

‘Sleeping on the job guy’ is hauled away.. another one smoking… and I LOVE the guy going for the wall socket.

OF COURSE he gets a fork… and the other guy comes running.

Yup! Holy Crap – man down!

Electrocuted guy recovers as other guy radios for help. Map guy is back, directing again.

I think it is genius that they fuzzed this to indicate motion. Lots of activity here as Map guy continues to direct. Electrocuted guy recovers in background.

I cannot read the word bubble, but I expect it is something about the “Fork be with you” or something to that effect.

A flurry of activity.

OMG! I spit my coffee on this one! And I love the guy pulling on the branches… and the one guy on his back … Map guy is still directing.

OMG. Perfect.

Another flurry of activity. I love the guy in the background just leaning against the wall. Of course Map guy is still at it.

I think my Barbie had the same rubber boots….

In my estimation, Map guy has blown it already because the skirt should go over the stand… not the stand on the skirt.

Map guy still directing as the others do the work… oh and the guy asleep in the back.

A flurry of activity – again!

I spit my coffee again on this one! Perfectly posed. I love the guys peering down from the top of the tree. Map guy still has his map.

Uh Oh. I’m a little frightened for them on this one… don’t want to piss off Vader.

Something is happening…

I’m not enough of a Star Wars fan to know what is going on here… (help me if you know) – A reader just informedme that Darth Vader is levitating the branch to the top!  Awesome!

Again, not sure what is happening…


Again, not sure what is happening here with the red cape… but I expect that when this first was created, it was 19 days before Xmas!


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  1. Bonnie J Bishop

    Darth Vader is levitating the last branch up to the top!


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