‘I want what she has… ‘. Equines are like kids.

So… I opened the gates to the large field for Dodger and Norma AND Gwen.

Normally, I just open for one of the other … but today, since Dodger and Norma like Gwen (enough), I thought I’d put them out together.  After all, now that Dodger is mostly blind and mostly deaf, he is less confident to go into the field.  If Gwen is there, he feels more secure.

OK, so, instead of letting Dodger and Norma out alone, I opened the lower gates to both fields so they could all be in the large field – together.


Dodger and Norma have a fan going during the day… and they have covers from the sun and wind.

Gwen has a nice shelter.  Her feeder is in the corner where Dodger and Norma stand by their fan.  Gwen has watched this daily.

Dodger and Norma like to go to new, SAFE places.

Here we see Dodger and Norma in their original paddock… it has a fan, nice shavings daily and special foods… Dodger is at least 37. Norma is 26

This is Gwen in her pasture next door to Dodger and Norma’s pasture. Her feeder is in the corner (although she throws her hay out – like she did in this photo), next to their fan. (Gwen is talking to Violet.)


They simply reversed positions.

Yup.  They went out their gates, into the large field, and then back up to the other horses’ paddock.  Once in position, Gwen sat by the fan and ate the rest of their food –  and Dodger and Norma sat by Gwen’s feeder.


Here we see Gwen in front of Dodger and Norma’s fan, eating out of their feeder. Sigh.

Here are Norma and Dodger in Gwen’s paddock, eating out of her feeder. Nobody took advantage of the opened gates into the huge field.


Oh and Gwen ate all the Mulberry leaves that she could reach (that the ponies couldn’t) in Dodger and Norma’s pasture.  I forgot about that … I should have figured she’d do that.

Double sigh.

OK, so you can see the broken limb and the fleeced limb…

Here is an upper branch. She must have been on her tippy-hooves to reach this.


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