I never thought I’d ever say, “My Garden!”

I have never grown anything from seed.

Oh sure, maybe in 2nd grade we suspended an avocado pit with toothpicks in a water glass… but that’s it.

I’ve never grown a vegetable from seed or a watermelon or a flower… until now.

This is my garden!  I mean, I know it is meager to all the gardeners out there…  We had a neighbor in Paso who grew so many flowers every year, she had a lovely cart outside her gate and anyone could come and gather a bouquet.

But me and my purple thumb, I’ve never grown anything from seed.

I’m so happy!   I can see the garden from my office!

The fact that anything grew is amazing to me!

I have about 15 sunflowers in all different colors!

Zinnias? I don’t even know, but I love them.

They just make me happy.

I like the backsides, too!

So bright!

This group changes every day! I see dragonflies every morning and bees every afternoon.


This is a bit blurry, but there are 2 bees on it.


I have a few pomegranates. This was planted as a plant, not a seed.

We aren’t sure what this is… Hubby thinks it is a mandarin. Again, not from a seed.

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