I know it is BLACK FRIDAY… but let’s talk BROWN. Mud Balls and Powder Puffs!

Yay!  It finally rained in California!!  So great for so many reasons!

I just wanted to show you my horses.  After the rain.  The Mudballs, The Powderpuff and The Alternates.

All teams have the same access to shelter… Not sure if it is ‘birds of a feather flock together’, or if it is poor management by the individual Lead Horses – but the three pastures have three different leaders… and three different outcomes.


Here is perfectly clean Missy Miss. (Doesn’t it look like there is a lake off in the distance, above her back?!  I wish!)


Thi s might be difficult to see, but Annie is perfectly clean as well. She runs this pasture.

Mo may look dirty, but that is his winter coat. He is clean.

This is a new wall that Hubby erected for Missy Miss, Mo and Annie. It did a great job keeping the ground and these horses, dry.

Gwen looks like I just groomed her… she isn’t in the pasture with Annie, she put herself here yesterday. Anyway, she is perfectly clean and dry. Of course she is, Gwen is the genius of the group.


Firstly, Hubby also erected a wall in Finn’s pasture…The ground, as you can see, is perfectly dry.

Finn’s pasture (that is Finn, greeting me…) also has this larger shelter on the top of their hill. So, this group has 2 possible refuges from the rain.

However… clearly Finn didn’t use either of the 2 shelters… and he is the Boss of this pasture.

This is BG (those ridges on her barrel and neck are her hives). She is a mudball. (Here eyes are still clear!)

And Wrigley… he is also a mudball. Did they all follow Finn?


Ahh, the wise, old alternates… Norma Jean and Dodger. They love their covers so they spent most of the rainy time under shelter. But, there was some water chunks in their hair – so they walked around in the rain but came back under cover. They aren’t clean, but they aren’t muddy.



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