I got to feed orphan twin calves!!

I got to feed orphaned twin calves!

Yes, the ‘orphan’ part of this was very sad…  My friend (down the street) has a cattle ranch.  They have about 200 cows.  She goes out and together with her husband, they make the rounds, checking on the cows and babies – since this is ‘baby season’.

Well, a few days ago, they came across this.  Wet, not licked yet, twin baby calves.

My friend took a quick photo of the still wet, not licked, baby orphaned twin calves.

Sadly, they found the mother nearby.  She had walked off and passed away.  They said she was a very old cow.  So, her last gift was twins!


My friend couldn’t leave these little babies to die – so she scooped up the tiny steers and brought them home.  She quickly gave them colostrum and has been bottle feeding them since she found them.

Here they are… all dry and tucked in a stall.

Patooteys! Two little steers.

She said they were 3 days old. They are smaller, but that is because they were twins.

She said their noses were sunburned because they were in the direct sun for so long before she found them.


My friend knows that I know nothing about cows but that they fascinate me.  So, she invited me over last night to feed one of them.  She said she gave me the ‘easy’ one.  Ha!

Here is a video of me trying to hold a camera, a bottle and a baby steer!

Click image to watch me trying to hold my phone, hold a bottle and feed a strong baby steer!


Have a Great Thursday!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    You are right. She referred to them as “little steers”; I guess she meant that they weren’t cows (female and therefore would stay on the ranch).

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