I fed today, for the first time in 30 days! (I think it’s been raining for 30 days, too!…)

I wasn’t allowed to feed for at least 3 weeks after my surgery.  So, Hubby has been doing it.

Well, last week, it started raining… and as we all know, this place is horrible in the rain – mucky, deep, sticky, wet clay.  So Hubby wouldn’t allow me to feed last week, just in case I slipped and fell.

Today, Hubby is out of town, so it was up to me.  And I was totally ready to feed!   I couldn’t wait!  I had treats and buckets and fresh hay and bits of alfalfa…

Uhhh, yeah… and … it was epicly WET and NASTY and MUCKY and… I pretty much concentrated on every.single.step. so that I wouldn’t slip and fall.  I practically gave myself a migraine, gripping onto every fence rail and placing every.single. foot fall.


But, it was fun anyway!

I took pics – sorry for the mess – but here is everyone!

Gwen gave me that look… FIX THIS, FIX EVERYTHING! Look at her little askew lips. She doesn’t like the rain.

BG: “Hi, you’re looking so much better than last week!”

Wrigley: “Unless you have more treats, don’t bother me… I’m too busy defending my food against EVERYONE. PS: Please clean up the mud; I’m tired of slipping here.”

Finn, the King, being Finn. *I was so upset with him because he dumped all of his fresh hay into the putrid mud. He noses it all out of his very deep Rubbermaid, trying to get the best morsels on the bottom. Grrrrrrrr.

Dalton wouldn’t look at me. I gave him a treat bucket, but I forgot that he hates soaked beet pulp. You’d think I’d slapped him. He is so emotional! He WOULD NOT look at me, but he kept nosing his ‘blech’ bucket. I’m sure Missy and Mo will eat it when Dalton leaves.

Missy and Mo, having no trouble dispatching their buckets. Mo is always so happy to see me!   I love that about him.  He brayed and begged for love. I gave him lots of love. Missy said, HI, then went back to eating.

Dodger and Norma are always so curious and loving. Both wanted lots of love, which is easier to give to them because they are on level ground and they don’t have much muck in their paddock. They are in the Executive paddock because they are the elders and deserve the best!

Brother and sister kitties, with tree leaves EVERYWHERE!

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