I don’t like to cook, but I do like to feed.

Hubby always tells people, when referring to me, that ‘she doesn’t like to cook, but she loves to feed“!

And it is true.

I don’t derive any pleasure in cooking.  I mean, if I have a podcast on or maybe something on You Tube playing, I can make sense of spending the time cooking – because I’m also listening to something I’ve wanted to listen to but didn’t have the time.

But, if I have to just COOK, it isn’t for me.  ALL of my recipe books have the words, “quick” or “10 minute” in the title.  I like fresh – but it also has to be fast.

However, give me an animal to feed, and I’m in heaven.  I don’t care how long it takes to prepare his food or medicine.

I love it!

As long as I have the funds to feed properly, it is a task I welcome.  For me, there is nothing better than seeing healthy equines!  Bring on the dapples and the shine!

Here we have Princess Buttercup Pebbles, Norma Jean and Ethel Merdonk – all having dinner.

Dominic waiting for his bucket. (This is not a very flattering photo of Dominic, my fault, but I wanted you to see all of his colors! I see every possible color of horse on his body right now!)


I gave up putting my tack in my tack room because it is full of feed and medicines.   Are you like that?  My tack is in my trailer.

Every time I open my tack room door, I smile.  Mostly because I haven’t had a barn for 6.5 years and it means so much to me to have this part of my life with my horses – back.  I’m so grateful.

Yes, I could cook for my animals all day long, but for me, nah.

Finn, Mo and Missy Miss, wondering why Gwen gets a bucket TWICE a day… (Yes, it is still muddy here in water soaked Northern California.)

28 year-old Queen Gwen, having her second bucket of the day.

While she eats, I make up her bed.

She gets particular senior feeds and chopped hay. I have no issue preparing all of this for her… I could do this for an hour. But I would dread spending an hour cooking.


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  1. Pat+Reavy

    Thanks for the update on everyone. It was so good to see them again. Especially Norma Jean.

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