Hubby got his dream job!  He is back in the military and now an Officer at Camp Roberts – which is 5 hours away from Grass Valley in Paso Robles.

This is all good!

The great news is that we both love this area!

Except, he will be 5 hours away until we figure out how to make this work.  For right now, Hubby will stay on base and visit me during the weekends.  I will drive down as often as I can.

In the meantime, we are scrambling to figure out the best plan for us and the animals.

Also, Hubby is now only an hour away from his daughters – instead of 4!

But, for right now, I’m staying put in Grass Valley so that MT has time to heal all the way and so that I have time to heal more from Lymes.  Hopefully, in that time, we will have a plan.  ;)

Hubby is very, very happy and satisfied in his new position.

This is a very good thing!

This is Hubby today - buying gas in Paso Robles. He didn't want me to take his picture...

This is Hubby today – buying gas in Paso Robles. He didn’t want me to take his picture…


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  1. Laurie

    I am so very happy for your hubby and please thank him for us for serving our country. I have always said, things happen for a reason and sometimes we don’t know what that reason is and just go with it. Hope you recover soon as well so all can be together as a family. I am so impressed with MT and hope she gets well soon too.
    Laurie in Portland, Oregon

  2. Laurie

    Hello Dawn ,
    Congrats to you and your husband!
    When I awake in the morning can’t wait to read your masterpiece of words,
    What a gift you have!
    Always saying a prayer for Mama Tess!

    Support freedom to the wild horses……Laurie , Florida

  3. mindy

    this is wonderful! those of us that have happy hubby’s doing the job they love, can totally understand how important it is!

    a BIG THANK YOU to your hubby for serving and protecting :)

    whoot whoot!!

  4. Spurringirl

    Congratulations to you and hubby! Thank him for his service for us.

  5. Christine

    Hi Dawn,

    My Congratulations to your Hubby in his new Job. It sounds like he is very happy. I am sure it will all work out well for you both and of course the animals too.

    Glad to read that MT is still doing well.

    Best wishes, Christine, England.

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