Horses are such curious creatures…

Yesterday, after Fernando left, I opened the gates to the two large paddocks so that both sets of horses could use the large pasture at the same time.

Of course, this means that both gates are open… to each other’s paddocks.

So what did they all do?

Well, instead of running into the huge 6 acre paddock to have some fun and nibble on new grass, they switched paddocks.

Yup.  The old switcheroo.

All 5 horses changed paddocks to see what the other horses had that they didn’t.   Or just to see what they had …


After a few hours, around dinner time, they were all back in their original paddocks.

Hmmmm.  Was it because it was dinner time and they knew where they usually ate?  Or was it because they were just more comfortable in their original paddocks?

I know this is a difficult image to perceive… here we have Finn and BG’s paddock. However, in front of us is Missy Miss. Wrigley is hidden behind the tree.


The only true nomads that I have here are Norma and Gwen.  They are also the elders of the group.  But I have noticed that Gwen will be fine in any paddock and eats out of any trough.  Same with Norma.

The others, not so much.  They get anxious and want to be where they want to be.

Horses are so much like us, I find it very heart-warming.

Mo did spend a bit of time pushing BG out of his paddock, but she was happy to go back to her own.


All day today, the 5 were grazing and strolling in the 6 acres.  When it was time to eat, they all went into their normal paddocks to find their usual trough.

So, I think I’ll keep this ongoing.  Instead of rotating paddock exercise between 4 pens, I think I’ll do it 2 pens together each day.  They seemed to enjoy it and no one was injured.  All good.

Tomorrow I will let out Norma Jean, Gwen, Rocky Balboa and the Jenny Twins (Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles).  I doubt they will go back into their respective paddocks because all the horses love Norma Jean’s paddock best.  But, she’s the oldest so she gets first pick.

Norma does, indeed, have the premier paddock. But she deserves it. She’s the oldest.


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