HORSEPOWER – clearing riverbeds in San Diego using horses! And PRIMROSE the baby donk!

I love doing something the good ol’ fashioned way and calling it ‘innovation’.

But, it is innovation!

You see, these days, when a crew wants to clear a riverbed, they go in with big machinery and plow it all away.  This is quick and it clears a path for the water to flow easily.

Ed and Prince – standing for the news crew.


However, using big machinery also removes all the roots and stumps of the former foliage which doesn’t leave much to hold onto for the earth.  Hence, massive erosion once the water flows through.


Somehow, a brilliant horseman who owns a carriage horse company in Riverside, convinced this crew in San Diego to let his draft horses drag out the foliage.


What a great use for this team.

And, a great change of scenery from giving carriage rides!

Working away!…


Horses dragging brush can accomplish what would take 20 men to do in far less time.  And, they don’t complain…

Here is a video of the brush clearing project showing the two nine years old carriage horses named Ed and Prince.  They won a pulling contest in Kansas.

“There’s not much they can’t do,” said George Liblin Jr. of G & F Carriages.  “Pound for pound, a horse can pull three times its weight and these horses are almost 1,700, 1,800 pounds.”

Here’s the video and a link to the article… maybe your community could start this up, eh?

Good job! Good effort! Good idea! Good Boys…






Y’know, sometimes something is just too cute to not share…

Primrose is one of those things.

She is a baby donk who was born prematurely so her front legs weren’t quite right… not strong enough.  So, to prevent damage, her legs were cast until they could strengthen normally.

Primrose is just too adorable to not pass along.

(She should make a full recovery!)

Here is a link to the news story and video.

She’s a tiny thing…




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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