The HorseGods shined upon us today…

Horsegods were good to us today…

We are at R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.  FB here.  The best guest ranch for riding, eating and having a lovely, relaxed, gloriously gorgeous time.  Once you’ve been, you’ll come back as often as you can.  I promise.

OK, onto the HorseGods… but first, again, since this town has been overrun with Eclipse visitors… the internet is spotty.  So, I’ll post as many photos as I can of our day today.


As I arrived at the barn this morning, this guy was very friendly…

This is the mini donkey gelding they have here. He is adorable! But the girls boss him around so he was afraid to ask for attention.

Here are the ladies… fighting over who gets my attention

I took this while riding… Sigh. Glorious

The sun was glinting off of the water. Gorgeous.

Cash and his buddy, resting at lunch.

I kept forgetting to have my photo taken, so I took one…

Another glorious shot… on the left (just out of frame) is the Snake River.

Guests having a meal outside… lovely.

Cash and I weren’t ready for this photo, but the scenery is to die for!

There are cut fresh flowers everywhere…

Nightfall… and the angels were singing.

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