HORSE GAMES to play with your kids while inside the house!

I received an email from SLO HORSE NEWS and it had an article about horse games.  I thought this was PERFECT for what we in California, and other lockdown states, are needing.

Here is the site.

Click to go to site

Fun, right?!


So, if you missed my post yesterday, we are all in lockdown in California.  I mean, we can go out and get groceries, but everyone is doing their best to distance and stay home.

All travel is frowned upon… all events have been cancelled.

All of our upcoming Horse and Man Jewelry shows have been cancelled.

So, I have an abundance of stock… so I thought it would be great to have a 30-50% off sale.  If you missed it, here is the link!


I went to the supermarket last week, when this all started… and people were behaving like animals.  It was scary.

But, this week, I hear it is much better.

Our feed stores are open and offer ‘call in’ your order and the boys will load it.  Today, I had hay delivered.  So that makes me feel better.

My husband is in the military and his unit is being deployed.  He is their leader so he will be able to drive back and forth.  This deployment is in the US, of course…   Deployment is such a big word but it can also apply to the USA.  I’m not sure what they will be doing but one thing had to do with food distribution.

Hang in there.  I’m trying my best.  As some of you, my revenue streams have been stopped.  But I do hope that it will all regulate soon – if we all keep our heads and wits.

Read a good book, watch that video you haven’t had time for, look at training site videos… take long naps.  Be well.  xo

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